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Levi Strauss & Co. is a worldwide corporation offers a quality products for men and women. At Pepper Tree London we have the best selection of Levis jeans, jackets, shirts, shorts and clothing for men and women. Shop the entire collection today.

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  1. Levis Engineered Vintage Denim Jacket Various Colours
  3. Vintage Levi's 501 Ripped Faded Design Jeans 33" Blue J3184
  4. Vintage Levi's Engineered Denim Jacket L Navy DJ1430
  5. Mens Levi Strauss Vintage Denim Hemmed Shorts
  6. Vintage Lee Wrangler Long Sleeved Denim Shirts XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  7. Levis 581 Vintage Straight Leg Jeans 26 in. to . 44 in.
  8. Vintage Levi's 527 Designer Boot Cut Jeans 32" Navy J3181
  9. Levis Mens High Waisted Baggy Vintage 80s Dad Jeans 26 in. to . 44 in.
  10. Vintage LEVI'S Denim Jacket - DJ1186
  11. Mens Levi Strauss Vintage Denim Cut-Off Shorts Grade C
  12. Womens Levis Wrangler Lee Regular Fit Classic Denim Western Shirt
  13. Vintage Levi's 506 Standart Ripped Faded Jeans 32" Navy J3183
  14. Vintage Levis 525 Denim Jeans
  15. Levis Lee Wrangler Mustang Short Sleeved Vintage Denim Shirts Mens  XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  16. Vintage Levi's 511 Designer Faded Jeans 34" Blue J3185
  17. Vintage Levi's Exclusive Orange Label Jeans 34" Black J3180
  18. Mens Levi Strauss Vintage Denim Cut-Off Shorts Grade B
  19. Levis Wrangler Lee Classic Unisex Trucker Jean Jacket
  20. Vintage Levi's Red Edition Boot Designer Jeans 32" Grey J3182
  21. Vintage LEVI'S Denim Jacket - DJ1191
  22. Vintage Levi's 501 Ripped Jeans Waist:34 Navy J2850
  23. Retro Style New Levi's 504 Jeans Without Tags Waist:36 Navy J2718
  24. Vintage Levi's Stone Washed 501 Ripped Jeans Waist:32 Blue J3126
  25. Vintage Levi's 501 XXX Jeans Waist:35 Navy J2667
  26. Vintage Levi's 501 Coloured Jeans Red Tab Waist:30 Black J3076
  27. Levi's Vintage Checked Short Sleeve Shirt -  L Multi - SH2728
  28. Vintage Levi's Faded Mom Jeans High Waist:34 Blue J3030
  29. Diesel Jeans Trousers - Waist:32 " J2597
  30. Vintage Levi's Faded Jeans Waist:33 Grey J2950
  31. Vintage Levi's Ripped Jeans 501 Button Fly Straight Leg Waist:32 Navy J2835
  32. Retro Style New Levi's 531 Jeans Without Tags Waist:34 Navy J2713
  33. Vintage 90s Levi's 512 Bootcut Ripped Jeans Waist:32 Navy J3115
  34. Vintage Levi's 501 XX Jeans Waist:33 Grey J2653
  35. Vintage Levi's 501 Faded Jeans Red Tab Waist:30 Navy J3070
  36. Vintage Levis 501 Coloured Denim Jeans
  37. Vintage Levi's 501 Scratched Jeans Waist:34 Blue J2993
  38. G-Star Raw Jeans Trousers - Waist:29 " J2589
  39. Vintage Levi's 514 Jeans Waist:36 Navy J2936
  40. Vintage Levis 550 Orange Label Straight Leg Jeans W30 L30 Sage Green J3883

Items 1-40 of 597

Set Descending Direction