If you’ve not yet heard of the buzz word jorts, you probably still own them or are on the hunt for the perfect pair. Jorts are jean shorts and usually it refers to the type you’ve cut yourself to achieve the perfect fit and length.


Why cut your own jorts?


It’s hard enough to find the perfect pair of jeans, right? The waist line has to be exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s low, mid or high rise. You will be looking for the ideal denim wash; black, light-wash or even stone-washed. Then, there’s the perfect fit for your behind and thighs. Basically, we understand that jean shopping can be quite the task.


So, finding the perfect pair of jean shorts can be even trickier. Not only do you have the find your ideal choice on all the above options, but the length is crucial and super personal. That’s why we think it’s a great solution to cut your own. When you’ve found the perfect fit jeans, for example your perfect pair of Levi 501’s, you can cut the leg length to suit your unique style et voilà!


Tips on how to cut jorts


Firstly, decide how you’d like them to look with a little bit of research. You can opt for low, as long as knee-length, or take it up a notch and create yourself some Coachella-worthy short shorts.


You’ll need a pair of very sharp scissors (preferably fabric scissors if you can find some!). Alongside this, get yourself a piece of white chalk, a ruler and a little square of sandpaper (we’ll explain later).


Pop your shorts on and mark on the in-seam and then on the out-seam the exact length you’d like. It’s always best to go longer and then trim than to go too short too early, as there’s no going back once you’ve snipped!


Take them off again and join up your markings with the ruler to create a neat, straight line. Ensure both sides are totally equal before you chop!


Then, go ahead and make the cut. When you’ve tried them and confirmed the length, work away at the exposed threads on the hems, pulling them through to create more of a natural-looking frayed effect. From here, you can gently use the sandpaper to increase the frayed edges to your exact desired finish.


And there you have it! Perfection in fit and finish.


Styling your jorts


There are so many great ways to style your new jorts, depending on your individual look. Here are some of our favourite ways to style them.


Men’s Jorts


The guys are certainly not left out of the jort trend. Creating the perfect pair is easy for you guys too. Simply follow the above steps in the same way, although the ideal length for men is more often directly on top of the knee cap (or just below, if you want to roll the hems slightly when you have them on).


Here’s some great ideas on how you could style them too.


Creating your own perfect pair of jorts is simple if you take your time. Take a look at our range of vintage jeans, from classic Levi’s to vintage Wranglers and grab yourself a pair of scissors to become your very own fashion designer for the day.