Whether you’re keen on bold colours or not, Hawaiian shirts are making a massive comeback. We’ve seen them time and time again when it comes to men’s street style and now even the ladies are getting involved.


From dressing them up with suits to wearing them in their most traditional sense, with shorts, people are definitely rocking the Hawaiian shirt and this time around, it’s a super-stylish summer choice. Here at Pepper Tree Vintage Clothing, we have been curating an ultra-cool collection of vintage Hawaiian shirts that fashion-lovers simply cannot say no to.


Men’s Hawaiian Shirts


We’ve seen men wearing them previously, but this time there’s something intentional about the cool points these guys are receiving. Try one with shorts or denim shorts on your holiday to rock the look in an authentic way. Alternatively, men are pairing the colourfully fun shirts with either black skinny jeans for an evening look or a fully tailored suit for a formal, yet fun overall ensemble. The juxtaposition of the floral shirt against the simple tailoring is grabbing people’s attention for all the right reasons.


Made popular perhaps by the likes of Bruno Mars, who explores different decades of fashion within each of his unique looks; an urban Hawaiian shirt style is also making its rounds. Paired with layers of gold chains and jewellery and teamed with a classic 80’s high-top sneaker, it’s a statement casual look that we think you should all be giving a go.


Women’s Hawaiian Shirts


They definitely don’t need to be classed as “women’s”, so take a good look at the men’s shirts too as most ladies are wearing them oversized and slouchy, often tucked-in or tied up at the waist. A great way to rock a Hawaiian shirt at a festival or summer event is to team it with a crop top or lace bralette and wear it completely open.


Pair your tropical shirt with denim shorts, denim skirts, dungarees; basically, all denim in every colour gets the ok. This look is super-casual, purposefully cool and lends itself perfectly to the vintage vibe.


At Pepper Tree Vintage Clothing we have a stylish selection of vintage Hawaiian shirts for both men and women, alongside unisex shirts, perfect for sharing!


Classic Multi-coloured Hawaiian Shirts


Alternative Hawaiian Shirts


If you’re not keen on the bold, statement classic Hawaiian shirt, there is another way you can rock the look. Why not try a single tone Hawaiian shirt, with a tropical print, but a more minimal colour palette? Style it up in the same way and ease your way into this stand-out summer trend. We have a few we think you might like.


If you want to embrace summer to the maximum, then a vintage Hawaiian shirt might be your vital next investment. They scream summer, fun and old-school style and can, surprisingly for most, be styled in a huge variety of ways. Make your classic denim outfit a little more colourful this summer and give this statement trend a go.